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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Radio 363 - An All New Season!

Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition...

The collection of shows vary from drama, music, comedy and all sorts of content.   You are likely listening to the next generation of radio producers, and some burgeoning personalities.

The links below will take you to each show.   Enjoy!

The line-up

Drama - Featured Show
Elvis Issues, Episode 1 by Sarah Maher

Elvis Issues is only available to Radio 363 members.  All Elvis photos are public domain.

Music Programs

All Folked Up by Nick McMillion 
(featuring Chicago Farmer & many more artists!)

Full show, members only!

And there's more....


Bathroom Recordings by Tyler Sullivan (with special live session!)

Concert Cast
by Nick Ischer and Tom Mariciniak

Meg's Beats
by Meghan Murphy 

Nighttime Chi

Punk Radio
by Drew Van Daele

Vibe Sessions
by Joe Jordahl 

WJLS The Haze
by Jason Stallman  [excerpts only, request CD]


Variety Shows

Have a Bite Radio
by Ivy Gao

Rumpus Brothers (featuring Lake Placid review) by Jordan Beckwith

 That's it for this season! Thanks for Listening! 

Radio 363, so powerful that your car radio might not be able to handle it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Season of Student Radio Shows

Tune into Radio363 online  
RT363 Radio and Audio Production - Fall 2012 - features an incredible variety of shows from students enrolled in the Department of Radio-Television-Digital Media at Southern Illinois University.    Some programs have been broadcast on the university student radio station WIDB.  Some segments that have been aired were re-recorded with revisions.  Other shows are scheduled to air in the near future for the first time.  Other radio shows and features are available only via this blog.  

Shows are available via each student/group's blog (with a subsequent link to Sound Cloud).  They are not available via stream this semester.

The Program Listings 

The Drone  - Michael

The College Godfather - Jairus & Annie
Some additional background from Annie,

Midwest Pigskin Huddle - Jacob, Tim D, & Tim H
Tim D -  (backup blog)

The Radio Fix - David

Like Totally 90s - Mary

Two Funny Dudes and a DJ - Tunde the Comedian

Social Talks - Seth

The range of programming varies per individual or student group, with some shows focused on music, interviews, talk, sports, and/or comedy/radio skits.    Regardless, we hope you enjoy these programs and support student media!  

Listen to WIDB Radio  - The Remedy  AND  - The Revolution.  WIDB is not affiliated with the Radio-TV-Digital Media Department, but many of our students are enrolled in our courses.

* * *
You might also want to hear the latest round of documentaries by students enrolled in RT464 Audio Documentary.


Dr. P.J.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Radio Station - "Student Projects"

Radio 363 is a short-term project debuting the creative programs and station elements of college students enrolled in the Department of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA.

Listen 24/7 on Sound Cloud
The programming is produced using Protools and similar digital software, then it was archived using Sound Cloud.  Radio 363 comes in three parts - Part I is The Radio Station.   Part I is a composite of a variety of segments and promos totalling one hour.  Then Part II and III consist of two much longer programs - The Sam Means Project (30 minutes, produced by Sam Means featuring his music) and Alternative Radio (60 minutes, produced by Randall Byrant).

Additional radio student programming is available at the "documentary" blog SoundProof 464 (see links on the right side of this page). Various student documentaries can be heard there.

On Site in Second Life
Radio 363 will be temporary streamed through Shoutcast, with the completed programming uploaded and mixed through the digital software Sam Broadcaster in January 2012, at the launch of Spring semester, as part of an open house in-world in conjunction with the kick-off of the new course, Radio-Television Electronic Media Workshop - Virtual Worlds, taught inside Second Life.  Radio/music/programming are among the media themes represented within that course, as well as all the media arts and practice such as real-time animation, fashion and product creation, marketing/business, journalism, etc. 
Radio 363 will be streamed for a limited time inside Second Life on the property of Lowe Runo Productions;  in addition, the station will be available online on the designated Shoutcast server, Sonicity Radio.  Here's some photos of the virtual station.

Details to follow in the weeks ahead.

For more information about the virtual exhibition, contact

*Special Thanks to Lewis Stafford for his lab assistance and guiding the students in lab.